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Going green is everyone's responsibility

We at Molaka (meaning sprout) believe all of us, as individuals and organizations, have to join hands for a sustainable planet.

We work with, and for responsible startups creating innovative solutions that make basic necessities, such as food, fashion, energy, shelter, waste management and water, greener. We have put together India's first acceleration program for such startups.

Our mission is to make sustainable living accessible to all. To this end, we will galvanize the ecosystem to support responsible startups, and to foster sustainable living, work environments. 

Chemicals. Materials.

We like innovations that will change the fundamental nature of things we do and use. The deeper you had to dive for your innovation, the more interested we are.

Capital. Strategy.
Technology. Policy.

We understand the entrepreneur's need. We make best effort to tailor our support to help you scale faster. We will be your partners, not just advisors.

Paints and Brush

What we do

The Acceleration Program

To propel your startup into the next orbit, we have curated a unique acceleration program. The program is open to pre-series A funded startups.

Ecosystem  Engagement

We work with public, private and philanthropic partners for the benefit of responsible businesses. Everyone is welcome to join the effort.

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