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Through the Acceleration Program and our other efforts, we wish to support startups that will help in reducing environmental footprint of basic amenities and needs of humanity such as food, shelter, energy, water, air, fashion, personal grooming and waste management.


As entrepreneurs we understand fellow entrepreneurs. Through the program, you will work closely with experts and peers from around the globe, specifically chosen for you.

The Acceleration Program has two legs that will immerse you in a variety of environments to help sharpen your business.

Leg 1 - Virtual Mode
10 Weeks


Business fundamentals

Business strategies

​Innovation management

Partnership strategies

Pricing models

Sustainable value-chains

Impact measurement

ESG reporting

Startup evaluation

Global immersion

* Actual modules may differ


Demand-driven expert interactions

One-on-one VC interactions

Curated corporate interactions

Sectoral Government interactions

Demo day - domestic VCs

Demo day - international VCs

* Actual activities may differ

Interested? drop us a line here

Leg 2 - Hybrid Mode
10 Weeks

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